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Wiring Harness for TK/IBU Board conversion (for HL v.6 and v7 series) and others

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We found out that HL did improve their tanks with the new version 6.0/6.1 and v7 series MFUs but the problem is that the wiring is also slightly different than the previous generations. This complicates upgrading your tank to TK boards.

We have the solution. Our kit will have the XH plugs for the motors and power supply, 8p wire and daughter board for the upper hull and IR cable and plug for the TK CL*RK board.

You will need to solder the wires to the motors, and the lights to the daughter board. Just select the battery connectors of your choice.
we can provide choice of XT60 and Dean T connectors.
(I personally don't recommmend Tamiya plugs, these are are inaccurate fitting and takes up a lot space in your tank)

Just reuse the standard power switch from your tank (version 6.0/6.1)

harness kit consists of:
2 x long 18awg high quality silicone wires with XH 2.5mm plugs for motors
1 x 18awg high quality silicone wires with XH 2.5mm plug with battery connectors (XT60 or DEANS T)
1 x 28g wire with GH 1.25mm plug for IR LED
1x 8p wires with XH 2.5mm plugs for TK board to daughter board connection
1x daughter board 

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