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We can build your RC Tank to your specifications, and we can advise you accordingly. Our services includes custom making parts, cutting, modifying parts to fit, custom paintjob, electronics upgrade, metal upgrade parts like gearbox, tracks, roadwheels, etc. As I work on a tank every few days, it is only natural that I have extensive experience with putting a tank together. Demand for my craftsmanship is quite high, currently waiting period to start on your project (assuming parts are ready) is 8-10 weeks. I strive to give every customer my best work, and I take pride in my work, and have several repeat customers, which speaks for my work. Do drop me a line via email and let me build your dream RC Tank!

Custom built tank portfolio: 1)HL King Tiger 2)HL Tiger 1 3)MATO Tiger 1 4)HL Challenger 2 5)HL T90 conversion to Terminator 2 6) Taigen Tiger 1 7) Taigen King Tiger 8) Torro King Tiger 9) Taigen Jagtiger 10) Taigen Jagpanther 11) Taigen Panzer IV 12) MATO Sturmtiger 13) Taigen Panther F 14) HL Challenger 2 15) HL King Tiger 16) HL Panzer 3 17) HL King Tiger 18) HL Abrams M1 19) Custom metal M1 Abrams 20) MATO Sturmtiger 21) Metal Leopard 2A6 22) MATO Tiger 1 23) Metal Leopard 2A6 24) HL Tiger 1 25) Metal Leopard 2A6 26) HL Challenger 2 27) others