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Taigen 390 Motors UPGRADE for MORE POWER

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up 5 times more powerful than stock HL motors!

390 motors, MORE power and torque, you will need this for turning your heavy metal tracks and climbing steep incline grades!

Sold as a set of 2 390 motors from Taigen. These motors have the pinions installed on them but may require an adjustment to fit your 3:1 or 4:1 gearboxes perfectly. 

The motors comes wired and with JST-XH connectors to connect to your stock Taigen board or other aftermarket systems. The new motors are 25,000 RPM motors and are 28mm in diameter by about 47mm in length so please make sure your motor will fit. The motor tabs also add an additional ~5mm as well, so add those to your motor measurements when measuring for fit. 

note: The motors draw alot of amps, might cause brown-outs during max power draw. Just restart the tank.

(use LiPo batteries to avoid this problem)

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