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RC Tank Legion Drive Axle Support (DAS) with ball bearings for T90 7.99mm driveshaft (1 set)

RM 109.00

NEW! Fresh out of the shop- we designed and fabricated the drive axle support (DAS) bearings for HL T90. As shown in the video, it's a slot in fit design, no screw holes to drill for this type.

precision fit machined aluminium, with ball bearing for 7.99mm axle shaft.

each set comes with 2pcs for left and right axles.

WILL ONLY FIT HL v.5.3 T90 (1st generation)  only.

NEW v.6.0 HL T72/90 will NOT fit due to new hull mold.

We also have the Leopard 2(new!) M1 Abrams, Challenger 2 and universal variant as well.