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All Metal complete tank with all running parts Leopard 2

RM 4,599.00

complete all metal turret, upper and  lower hull with all running parts for HL Leopard 2
Just require upper hull, board (preferably TK60 or TK80 as the motor is large and will draw alot of amps) speaker, battery and wiring harness.

package includes

  • cast metal lower hull
  • torsion suspension
  • metal tracks with rubber pads
  • metal gearbox with 550 motors + heatsinks
  • metal roadwheels and arms
  • metal sprockets
  • metal idler wheels
  • metal back panel with switch
  • LEDs for lighting
  • all metal turret
  • 360 metal turret ring
  • upper hull
  • all details, tow cables in metal

really heavy and solid, about 8kg perfect complete upgrade.

note: price is for one complete tank, consisting of turret, upper and lower hull, photo is for illustration purposes.