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Leopard 2 A6 / Challenger 2 Metal Tracks with Rubber and Metal Pads

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This item is compatible with Leopard and Challenger 2 HL tanks.

interesting note: NATO countries Germany and UK decided to use the same tracks for ease of supply and parts and that made it easier for us tankies to just use the same part for both tanks!

Each tank must use it's own sprocket. (more or aesthetics than technical thing anyway)

rubber pads supplied may need to be installed yourself, and highly recommended to use RC car's tire glue to stick the pads as they may come off during aggressive maneuvers.

we sell this special glue by MxBon:


Packing includes:

2 Metal Tracks

336 Rubber pads (Packing Separately)

Spare 24 Metal pads(Packing Separately)

Spare track links

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