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New Features for 2018:

  • Better support for Taigen MFUs
  • Experimental microswitch replacement connector
  • Experimental gun motor return trigger input

So if you are looking for an economical and simple way to make your Heng Long or Taigen Tanks compatible with the Tamiya battle system then look no further.

If you are new to MAKO, this system has been around for many years now where it has been consistently updated and improved. MAKO is without a doubt is the most flexible and feature packed IR battle system on the market. MAKO has so many features that it is often confused for being a full tank control unit. MAKO is an IR interpreter that senses IR signals from the various R/C Tank battle systems and converts them into a signal that the attached MFU can "understand". Similarly, MAKO transmits the IR signals of the most common R/C Tank battle systems. This is the functional core of MAKO. In addition to this MAKO provides for the setting of a number of different weight classes and operational modes. The number of operational modes is dependant on the the main tank control system being used. The highest number of modes is reached using RCTA's Asp. Additionally, MAKO provides support for a recoil servo, relays and can display battle information on a Manta/LCD.

MAKO2018 is designed to be used exclusively with Heng Long and Taigen RX-18 style tank control units BOTH 27 mHz AND 2.4 gHz operation. It's inception has come about after many requests for a return of MAKO2 and MAKO_TE. MAKO2018 is a combination of these two boards and is priced very reasonably.


  • Ir battle compatibility with all Tamiya based systems, PLUS Heng Long and Taigen tanks
  • Includes 2-shot kill Tamiya code capabilities
  • Multiple weight class/mode selection
  • Realistic magazine option
  • Main cannon Xenon flash or LED support (1)
  • Recoil Servo support (2)
  • Manta LCD display (3)
  • Additional signal out (4) can be used to stop track recoil*
  • Programming & testing using a SONY TV remote
  • Firmware update port
  • Heng Long/Taigen and Tamiya/RCTA battle unit outputs

* NOTE Output 4 can be used to trigger relay/s to cut the automatic track recoil and other automatic track movements (hit shakes & death spasm). The IR hit shakes and death spasm can always be cut out. However, the effectiveness of removing the track recoil will depend on the version of MFU. MAKO2018 is triggered by the factory IR pulse from the tank MFU. If the track recoil is timed with this pulse then it will be cut. If not track recoil may only be partially cut.

MAKO2018 Connections

Connection of MAKO is very simple as it resides in between the MFU's IR output port and the battle unit (Mushroom and IR emitter). Connect the supplied 5pin cable from the MFU's IR port to the input port on the left side of MAKO. Connect the existing 5pin battle unit cable to the 5pin output port on the right hand side of MAKO (not actually shown). The pic below shows connection to a Tamiya or RCTA style battle unit (5 + 2 pin arrangement). This is all that is required for basic operation.

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