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Heng Long T-34/85 RC Tank 2.4ghz 1/16th Scale

RM 649.00


2.4Ghz Transmitter;

SOUND: most emulational motor start-up sound, engine sound, machine-gun sound, cannon sound;

SMOKE, realistic proportional smoke function;

Forward, reverse, left/right turn.Left/right Spin.Gun barrel up/down,turret left/right turn

BATTERY:equipped with Ni-Cd2000mah/7.2v battery.

Playing time per charge: 25minutes.

Light-up warning system.

Auto reload bullet system.

Realistic suspension system.


Max. Firing range of Motor Air Gun: Approx. 250CM

Gun Shell: 6mm BB Shell

Load of Shells: Approx. 70 Shells

Max. Side Turning Angle of Turret(Left/Right): Approx. 320"

Max. Vertical Turning Angle of Gun(Up/Down): Approx. 20"

Max. Climbing Gradient: Approx. 35"

Dimension: 500mm X 170mm X 190mm