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RC Tank Legion lower hull chassis stiffening aluminium brace FLAT bars type (HSAB)

RM 39.00

A result of many commission builds for customers, I've developed a simple and effective kit to stiffen up your HL tanks especially when you upgrade and done the magnet conversion. (driving over rough terrain pops off the upper hull due to the flexing) I call this the Hull Strengthening Aluminium Brace or HSAB for short.


This is the flat bar aluminium bar type, it's easy to fit, you don't need to cut the original internal plastic bracing to allow the aluminium bar (or trim some of the aluminium) to fit snugly. It's perfect for the beginner who don't want to mess around too much.

Installation is straightforward, just epoxy the brace right on and use clamps to hold the bar in place and leave to set. I recommend using the 5 min A+B epoxy type, and I personally use Selleys'. Remember to clean both surfaces with suitable degreaser like alcohol and mark where the bar sits so you can apply the epoxy accurately.
After both sides are installed and epoxied on, determine where you want  your cross braces to be (check clearance first, ie: gearboxes, turret rotation motor, screw bosses, etc before using epoxy or drilling 4mm holes and bolting on.

The cross brace with the holes is for (usually) the gearbox area, where you want to stiffen that area and need to be a removable setup so you can access the gearbox later.
Hex bolts and flange nuts are supplied. Becareful when drilling, place a suitable scrap piece of wood to protect your tank when you drill the aluminium brace.

kit includes:
2 x 32mm flat bar side braces
1 x 32 mm flat bar cross brace
1 x 19mm flat bar cross brace
6 x M4 hex bolts
6 x flange nuts

HL Tanks models available:

Tiger 1

King Tiger

M1 Abrams

Challenger 2