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IBU2 Ultimate Full Option Multi-function Control Board for RC Tank

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 R/C Tank Multifunctional module 

the famous IBU2  R/C Tank Multi-function control board from Italy is now available from RC Tank Legion Shop!

The IBU2 Ultimate module it’s the natural evolution of original IBU2, it offers superior performance combined with flexibility and ease of use.

The IBU2 Ultimate module completely replaces the electronics present in the RC Tank, allowing to battle according to the IR Tamiya standards, customize all the sound effects and use a proportional radio from 4 to 8 channels (Full Option version only)  (AM, FM, or 2.4 GHz) for full  tank control.
The operating firmware can be updated (when released) by the user.


  • Plug & Play with Heng Long models, Torro and Taigen

  • ESC integrated for Tracks Control, selectable between Stock Gearbox and Clutch Gearbox (Triple D gearbox (DKLM) or Tamiya Leopard 2 style gearbox note: Full Option version only)  

  • 4 RX channels input (Base version), 8 RX channels inputs (Full Option version only) FlySky I-Bus support, from 4 channels (Base version) up to 10 channels!

  • Up to 6 pre-calibrated selectable inertia curve (1 pre-calibrated curve for Base version, 6 pre- calibrated curve for Full Option version only) 

  • Neutral revving. 

  • Battery Management Li-Po (2 or 3 cells), Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh 6 or 8 cells), with audible and visual warning of low battery 

  • Fully configurable servo support for barrel recoil (speed, direction, ATV) 

  • Fully configurable servo support (normal and 360 °) for barrel control, traverse turret (speed, direction, ATV, neutral point) (Full Option version only)

  • Output (LED) Machine Gun with flashing synchronized with the sound effect 

  • One output for smoke generator proportional to the engine rpm 

  • One output for smoke generator ON/OFF (for TARR Smoker heaters)   

  • Direct control for Xenon module (Heng Long / Taigen) 

  • Dedicated outputs for Tamiya Battle System and recoil mechanism 

  • Direct control of standard HL/Taigen recoil

  • Direct control of standard HL/Taigen airsoft with syncronized firing cannon audio effect and microswitch input  

  • Control output for Taigen servo recoil 

  • Visual indicator output (if not using an IR receiver with integrated LEDs, Tamiya/Impact) 

  • Output for high-intensity led (barrel flash simulation) 

  • Output for rear lights and brake lights (LED) 

  • D-Class power audio output (10 Watts @ 8 Ohms, 15W @ 4 Ohm)  

  • Adjustable audio volume control by remote control (Full Option version only) 

  • Up to 4 Gbyte size microSD support for sounds, configuration, user-installable software upgrades (microSD memory size supplied with board may vary) 

  • Audio samples in .wav format, 8 or 16bit, 22.050 KHz (free download on IBU webpage) 

  • Exclusive tank sound sets (Full Option version only)

  • Up to 12 customizable engine sounds, 2 turret sounds , 2 barrel sounds, up to 3 cannon sounds*, up to 3 Machine Gun sounds*, up to 5 mechanical noises*, up to 3 hit sounds*, up to 3 tank destruction sounds*, Rebirth sound, Repair sound (* random played) 

  • 4 optional sounds selectable by remote control (Full Option version only) 

  •  Audible alerts: microSD error, Start system, low battery, empty battery, inactivity of tank or lost transmitter signal. 

  • Intelligent voice guided remote control calibration with acquisition and automatic matching of channels-to-function. 

  • Compact size 112 x 65 x 15 mm. (approx.. 4,4” x 2,5” x 0,6”)  

for full instructions, please refer to the excellent manual:

my How-To install and setup video:


note: Micro SD is included, but you NEED to get the Micro SD Card reader to open the files. 

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