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High Performance Double Differential Drive Gearbox (TripleDGB)

RM 699.00 RM 719.00

High Performance Triple D Gearbox -

powerful 540 size motor drives beefy steel gears to drive even the heaviest 1/16 scale all-metal RC Tanks without a sweat.

The main motor drives both output shafts equally- eliminating different shaft speeds that constantly needed to fixed with the radio trim. DRIVE STRAIGHT without needing to trim!

The turning motor provides a different speed on the side you want to turn, and does it smooth and linear- no more jerky turns!

Heavy duty stainless steel mounts provides a secure and stable platform to mount the gearbox and put all that power down.  
Output driveshafts are supported by 2 beefy axial bearings, eliminating driveshaft wobble!

The gearbox and mounting system is modular- in theory you just need a tank specific mount + driveshaft and you can plug in the gearbox into the current tank with just 2 screws!

We currently stock high-speed gearboxes, which is perfect for all the popular Modern Battle Tanks

Leopard 2, Challenger 2 and M1A2 Abrams

will work with: (need to adjust the board settings)

HL v6.0 / v6.1
TK boards