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Clark TK40 / TK40S Multi-Function Unit for RC Tank

RM 549.00

 TK40 Series Tank Gamming Controller

TK40 series RC tank Gaming Controller

World's First integrated RC tank controller with Ultrasonic ESC


(specifications and design are subject to change without notice)


  • TK40 series controller is the successor of successful TK24 controller, uses 4-CH conventional PWM or 10-CH  S.BUS  RC system to control R/C tank's forward/backward movement, sharp turning, pivoting, turret rotation and gun barrel evaluation at variable speed

  • Ultrasonic ESC*3  for two track motor and turret rotation

  • Carefree reversing

  • Ultra Low turn-on resistance FET for track motor ESC

  • 22KHz, 8-bit high quality sound with digital sound mixer

  • Maximum of 5 channel of sound track, main gun, machine gun, turret rotate, gun barrel elevation and engine sound can be generated at the same time

  • 3W sound output power

  • 0.8A BEC

  • EPM*2 for gun elevation(EPM1) and turret rotation/gun traverses(EPM2) 

  • Wide operating voltage rage, from 7.2 to 12V, support 3S Li-Po battery

  • Support air-soft gun with sound synchronization

  • Support TAMIYA and HLIR battleunit andformat

  • Support RealRecoil servo port

  • Support RecoilSolenoid for 2nd Machine Gun( MG2 )

  • G variant Support gun barrel stabilizer

  • Safety shutoff prevents unwanted movement while signal lost

  • Miniature design(60mm X 50mm X 20mm) for 1/25~1/16  R/C Tank

  • V2 Smoker driver

  • Adjustable Low Battery threshold


Ultrasonic ESC is the ESC block which switch FET at ultrasonic speed, make motor rotation extreme  smooth and quite. start voltage of ESC can also be adjusted for different type of motor.

Carefree reversing:Unlike some other control board, there is no need for TK series board to delay before being commanded to reverse,can go from full forward immediately to full reverse or vice versa

EPM ( ESC/PWM module)is peripheral which can be switched to ESC or PWM mode,allows the user to drive brushed motor or servo motor, in ESC mode, ESC port is enabled, can be used to drive brushed motor, In PWM mode, PWM port is enabled to driver servo motor, sound effect stopped when servo motor reach end point, TK40 has 2 EPMs for gun elevation(EPM1) and turret rotation/gun traverses(EPM2),


ESC/Ultrasonic ESC port

PWM port

EPM15th and 6th Pin of CN9J4


7th and 8th Pin of CN9

Note:ESC in EPM2 is

Ultrasonic ESC


RealRecoil allows you to recreate real gun barrel recoil movement with single & cheap servo motor

RecoilSolenoid allows you to recreate MG/Auto cannon barrel recoil movement with Solenoid

V2 Smoker driver smoker fan/compressor speed is proportional to engine RPM and Load

V2  Mixer turning is achieved by reducing track speed and also increase opposite track speed to achieve smoother turning.

Adjustable Low Battery threshold cut off ESC output when battery voltage is lower than threshold, and threshold can be adjusted according to type and cells

please note: 
volume control is not included. We will provide you with a 3p jumper, which makes it maximum volume.
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