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Clark TK60S Multi-Function Unit for RC Tank

RM 899.00

TK60 series controller uses 4~8 channels RC system to control R/C tank's forward/backward movement, sharp turning, pivoting, turret rotation and gun barrel evaluation at variable speed 60A track motor driver 22KHz, 8-bit high quality sound with digital sound mixer Maximum of 5 channel of sound track, main gun, machine gun, turret rotate, gun barrel elevation and engine sound can be generated at the same time Max. of 20W sound output power 0.8A BEC Support air-soft gun with sound synchronization Support TAMIYA 1/16, TAMIYA 1/35, VStank and HL IR battle unit and format Support RealRecoil servo port Support elevation servo port Support gun barrel stabilizer Safety shutoff prevents unwanted movement while signal lost Auto R/C signal detection Support 3S Li-Po battery Miniature design(92mm X 52.3mm X 25mm)

V2 Sound Set


Frequency Shift and Level,

+ Revving

TK60S (S-Bus)

-10-CH S.BUS control scheme,

- High resolution (32 Steps) ESC driver.

- Ver.2 Bootloader

please note: 
volume control is not included. We will provide you with a 3p jumper, which makes it maximum volume.
we sell this here:

HL version 6.0/6.1 tanks:
you will need some parts as HL omitted and changed the wiring harness.
1) 8p daughter board + 8p wire
2) 2p x 3 to plug into TK board for battery power, and 2 motors.

boards are typically made to order and will take a few weeks time.